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Group of Companies
A Market Leader in Plastic Textiles


We offer a wide range of packaging materials in soft plastic, fomo, cardboard and paper format to service the needs of the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors.

Cardboard and Paper Packaging

Our range of cardboard and paper packaging includes:

  • Cardboard cartons and boxes in a variety of sizes - for fruit and vegetable packaging
  • Egg trays
  • Paper bags - for potato and charcoal packaging

Fomo Packaging

Our range of fomo packaging includes:

  • Fomo trays and containers (in sizes 2 - 80)
  • Fomo cups (125ml - 350ml)
  • Seedling trays

Soft Plastic Packaging

Our range of soft plastic packaging includes:

  • Plastic bags (butcher, handy, ice, mini grip, vegetable, fruit etc.)
  • Plastic plant bags (1 litre - 18.8 litre)
  • Plastic bottles and lids (250ml - 2 litre

Miscellaneous Packaging Materials

We also carry a wide range of miscellaneous plastic packaging materials including:

  • Tags & Stickers
  • Staplers & Staples
  • Tape
  • Wrapping Film
  • Crates
  • Dispensers
  • Fastening equipment
  • Pallet packaging
  • Plastic Rolls