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Shade Cloth

Exceptional quality shade cloth products at highly competitive prices in 3 formats namely:

  • Landpak Agrishade - for commercial agricultural and nursery applications
  • Landpak Supershade - for commercial, industrial and domestic applications
  • Landpak Builder's Shade - for the construction, mining and demolition industries

All of our shade cloth products are manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
monofilaments and tapes. By utilising only the purest polymer and the latest Ultra Violet (U.V.)
inhibitors, a minimum life expectancy of 8 years is achieved.

Advantages of Landpak Shade Cloth

Exceptional Quality backed up by a Product Warranty

  • The entire manufacturing process, from raw material through to finished product,
    is done entirely in-house. This combined with an internal quality control laboratory,
    which administers a range of recognised testing methods, ensures that the quality
    of the final product can be assured of. See our warranty below.
  • All of our shade cloth products are manufactured from High Density
    Polyethylene (HDPE) monofilaments and tapes. By utilising only the purest
    polymer and the latest Ultra Violet (U.V.) inhibitors, a minimum life
    expectancy of 8 years is achieved.

Client Customised Service

  • Landpak shade cloth is available in standard length rolls of 50m × 3m. The length and width of rolls can be customised however to suit a clients individual requirements and can be manufactured in lengths of up to 500m and widths of less than 1m and up to 4m.

Excellent Protection from Harsh Elements and U.V. Rays

  • Anti U.V. agents in the form of Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers (HALS), will eliminate the sun's harmful U.V. rays by up to 90%
  • Independent testing ensures that shade percentages and U.V. transmittance levels are consistent
  • Valuable assets are protected against strong winds, hail and heavy rain

Durable Lock-Stitched Fabric

  • A Rachel warp knitting process incorporating a lock-stitch ensures that shading is even and that tearing and laddering is averted
  • A 'built-in memory' ensures that the cloth will return to its original shape and form once surface tension has been lifted
  • Stentering (heat setting) provides the cloth with greater dimensional stability

Easy to Use and Easy to Repair

  • Accidental cuts and tearing is easily mended
  • A stretch capacity makes the assembly of structures easier


LANDPAK AGRISHADE and LANDPAK SUPERSHADE shade cloth / net is manufactured from virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and LANDPAK warrants that all it's manufactured shade cloth will not degrade or show serious evidence of material breakdown as a result of exposure to the sun (ultra violet rays) for a period of 8 (eight) years from the date of manufacture.

No warranty applies where the damage is a result of mechanical abrasion, chemical erosion, damage caused by the erection process or excessive loading beyond the tear and tensile strength of the products. The warranty only extends to the cracking or breakdown as the result of degradation caused by the sun and LANDPAK will only replace the affected cloth / net on a pro-rata basis.

Exposure of HDPE to certain strong oxidising agents, such as fuming sulphuric acid, concentrated nitric acid, nitration acid, chrom-sulphuric acid, coal tar products, creosote and halogens, can lead to the degradation of the products, and where the products are to be used in areas exposed to chemical contamination, reference should be made to the LANDPAK technical department before erection of the products. LANDPAK accepts no liability to any party or property for any use of any LANDPAK product in a manner for which the product is not intended.

This warranty only applies to the original purchaser producing the original invoice, samples of the damaged product and the giving of access to LANDPAK staff or representative to inspect the affected shade cloth / net on site.


  1. LANDPAK's products may exhibit colour fading after 8 (eight) years exposure to the sun with the exception of red or yellow coloured products which may exhibit colour failure after 3 (three) years.
  2. This warranty applies only to the purchaser of the product and no claims for reimbursement of installation expenses or any consequential claims, indirect or direct will be entertained. LANDPAK accepts no liabilities for damage or injuries caused through failure of the products, or failure of steel or wooden or any other structures to any party or property. The onus is upon the client to ensure that the product is free of possible mechanical flaws before the product is erected.
  3. Except for the warrantees said forth above LANDPAK expressly disclaims and exclude all other guarantees, warrantees, conditions and representations, either express or implied, whether arising under statute law, commercial usage or otherwise.

This warranty will only come into effect if the original purchaser replaces the affected material solely through LANDPAK or its agents.


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