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Quality Polypropylene Bags

Quality Polypropylene Bags From The International Group

The International Group of Companies are manufacturers of quality polypropylene bags and other packaging solutions. We are based in Pretoria and have for the last 60 years supplied various markets withquality polypropylene bags, boxes as well as a host of other packaging and hardware supplies. We are the country’s leading plastic textile manufacturer and have built up a reputation for delivering durable and reliable products to our customers all over the country.

Our quality polypropylene bags are manufactured to a number of sizes and can be used for various applications. Polypropylene is a material that has high resistance to fatigue and it adapts to varying stresses and loads.  Quality polypropylene bags are strong and lightweight and are therefore ideal as shopping bags that often have to carry a large amount of heavy items. Quality polypropylene bags are also used to package food in order to make food visible to potential buyers. Because it is such a strong material, bags made out of polypropylene often last for a long time and can be woven into different shapes and sizes and used for bulk storage and shipping. 

Apart from manufacturing quality polypropylene bags the International Group of Companies also manufactures and supplies packaging products made from cardboard and soft plastics. Some of these products include cardboard cartons and boxes in various sizes, egg trays, paper bags, Fomo trays and containers, Fomo plastic bags for use in butcheries, to pack ice, pack vegetables and fruit as well as 1 litre up to 18.8 litre bags. We also manufacture miscellaneous plastic packaging materials.  

The International Group of companies employs over 100 people and we are a proudly BEE company. We are committed to delivering the best product at the best price whether it is quality polypropylene bags or cardboard boxes. To find out more about the company and the products we manufacture and supply contactThe International Group of Companies.