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Supermarket groups buy plastic bags in bulk.  These bags are usually of the soft plastic variety and are available in a multitude of colours; they are also printed with the relevant store's branding.  The thickness of soft plastic bags are measured in microns.  One micron is one-thousandth of a millimetre and the bigger the bag, the thicker it must be to carry the weight.  A retailer has to buy plastic bags that are thicker and stronger for packing things like wood or for large vegetable or ice bags that may measure up to 350 mm x 790 mm.

Thinner bags are less expensive and retailers buy plastic bags of 30 micron or less when these bags are particularly small (e.g. 120 mm x 220 mm) and for items like biltong, some fruit and vegetables and meat.  However, retailers buy plastic bags in a thicker derivative – even if they are small – if they are to be used for vacuum packing, because these bags have to be particularly tough and should not puncture too easily.  Nurseries also buy plastic bags in which they grow and sell plants.

Knitted and woven vegetable pockets are another type of plastic bag and usually the fruit and vegetable industries buy plastic bags of this mesh-type design.  Foodstuffs like these are usually packed in mesh-type bags to allow good ventilation.  It should also be see-through to allow easy identification and so that the customer can view the products and their condition before buying.  Retailers buy plastic bags of this type in different crop-specific colours.  These plastic bags may be manufactured from either polypropylene or polyethylene and they are very tough and available in sizes up to 25 kg capacity.

Retailers buy plastic bags for much of their packaging requirements and modern technology has resulted in a vast range, each specifically designed for a set purpose.  When retailers buy plastic bags in bulk, they are also appreciably cheaper.  For more information on all the types of plastic bags you can buy, contact ustoday.