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Products Available By A Leading Box Supplier In South Africa For Packaging & Shipping

The typical box supplier, South Africa-based, produces large quantities of high quality packaging material through a sophisticated process. The International Group of Companies is one such a manufacturer and located in the North West Province is one of the largest suppliers of bulk packaging materials in the country.

Cardboard Boxes Available from the Top Box Supplier in South Africa

A variety of cardboard boxes are manufactured to meet the requirements of the food industries, agricultural sector, commercial entities, and large packaging industries in the country. The cardboard boxes are premade specifically to fit specific product packaging needs. The boxes are made from for instance, paper and corrugated fibre board. Cardboard is not often used as the term to explain the packaging boxes because of the variety of materials used in the manufacturing of such.

The three main types of materials used by a typical box supplier in South Africa such as the International Group of Companies include that of paperboard and corrugated fibre board.


Paperboard is perhaps the material most referred to as cardboard in the industry and consists of material thicker than the normal paper sheets. The ISO standards dictate that such must have a specific base weight for industry. Woods and grasses form some of the base products and by pressing them together to form sheets, cardboard can be created as part of the product stable of a large box supplier in South Africa.

Corrugated Fibre Board

It is a combination product that consists of flat lining board materials which have corrugated inner sections. This type of board is exceptionally strong and widely used in packaging whether as vegetable or appliance boxes. The material can easily be recycled and as such it is not only durable, strong in design and flexible in usage, but also environmentally friendly when compared to other packaging materials.

Types of Boxes

The range of boxes available from companies such as the International Group of Companies as a leadingbox supplier in South Africa includes from folded carton boxes to laminated boxes for packaging of appliances and other heavy products.

History of Boxes

The first patent for pleated paper boxes was registered even before then in the 1850s in England when liners were used to ensure stronger hats. It was, however, only in the 1870s when the single side boards with corrugation would be used for packaging. It was the invention of the 1870s of a machine to produce large numbers of such boards, which was the forerunner of the cardboard boxes also manufactured by the International Group of Companies as a box supplier in South Africa.

The first cardboard boxes in full use came from the invention of Robert Gair as far back as the 1890s. He manufactured flat paperboard pieces to fold into containers. The process of making the boards has become more sophisticated allowing for larger production, but the main idea is still intact although modern corrugation has added extra strength to the containers available today.

Cardboard boxes replaced wooden packaging boxes in the early parts of the 1900s. This contributed to cheaper transportation of goods and ensured that larger quantities of products could be shipped because of space savings as well as the difference in weight. As such, cardboard boxes may not have revolutionised the world of commerce, but have made a positive contribution to minimizing the usage of resources and keeping costs of packaged products down.

The International Group of Companies as a leading box supplier in South Africa proudly carries on the tradition of cardboard box and other packaging material manufacturing in the country.