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If you have booming business that makes use of packaging material, you would do well to select a packaging supplier that has manufacturing and/or distribution facilities right across South Africa.  For your plastic bag, styrofoam and cardboard box manufacturer, Cape Town should be as easy to service as Pretoria. A well set up distribution network will take the worry out of your packaging logistics, because you will know that you can always depend on your plastics packaging and box manufacturer in Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg or Gauteng.

Irrespective of which box derivatives you want to order from your box manufacturer in Cape Town, a vast range should be available.  For an established and professional box manufacturer, Cape Town is a major distribution point and they should have a branch their to service their Western Cape clients.  Many industries depend on a box manufacturer in Cape Town, especially the fruit and vegetable industry.  Grapes cannot be packed in bags, lest they bruise, so they are always packed in special display boxes that are strong and can be stacked.  Similarly, other soft fruits like peaches are also packed in boxes.

Frequently, a packaging and box manufacturer in Cape Town has its factory elsewhere in South Africa.  Therefore, it is simply not advisable to do business with a box manufacturer in Cape Town if they do not have distribution outlet in the Mother City.  Only an established infrastructure can serve your packaging and box needs anywhere in the country.  Do not rely on your own arrangements to ferry packaging materials from other provinces if your box manufacturer in Cape Town does not have a local office.  You already have a business to run, so leave your packaging logistics to the professionals.

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