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Quality Shade Cloth Products

Quality Shade Cloth Products for Farming

Landpak, one of the companies forming part of the International Group of Companies provides a wide range of high quality shade cloth products. The products are backed up through our extensive warranties.

Quality Control

The cloths are manufactured in-house, from start to finish including the processing of the raw materials. We are thus able to control every step of the manufacturing process, allowing for quality inspections throughout.  We furthermore have a control lab where the products are tested by means of well-recognised testing methods.

The shade cloth products are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) mono-filaments and tapes. Because we use only the purest polymer and latest technology for UV protection, the shade cloths come with life expectancy of eight years.

Not only do we provide the highest quality shade cloth products, but do so at affordable prices and customers receive personalised service. The cloths are available in standard rolls of 50 by 3 meters, but we can customise the length and width according to client requirements. Indeed, cloth of up to 500 meter in length and widths of less than one and up to four meters can be manufactured to meet the client requirements.


The materials used provide superior protection against UV rays in the form of Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers (HALS). With such it is possible to provide up to 90% protection against radiation. The testing procedures ensure high consistency. Whether you need to protect a building, nursery structure, animal pen, greenhouse, plants or animals against weather elements, you can rely on our high quality shade cloth products to do the job.

The materials not only protect against UV rays, but also rain, wind, hail and frost as well as birds, butterflies, debris, and insects. The products are made from durable lock stitched fabric using the Rachel warp knitting process ensuring that the shading can withstand tearing and laddering. The material comes with built-in memory, allowing for return to the original shape once the tension is no longer applied. With heat setting we give the material excellent stability.

Our products are easy to use and can be mended should accidental cuts occur. We make the products to be stretchable to fit over structures with ease. The super shade cloth will not degrade or break down because of UB exposure for up to eight years and such is embedded in our warranty.


The cloth is made from HDPE and provides excellent UV protection. With the lock stitch adhesive method we ensure greater stability. The products come with eyelets for easy set-up. Shade factors from 20 to 80% are available. The roll size is 3 by 50 metres, but we customise rolls according to client requirements upon request.

The material provides protection against wind, hail, UV and rain in addition to birds, insects and debris. With the excellent properties of the shade cloth, adequate protection is given to the above elements. Optimal air movement allows for minimum surface evaporation which helps to keep irrigation costs low. It is possible to spray crops even in windy conditions because of the protection provided. For wind barriers, we recommend 50% up to protect against soil erosion.

The cloth is made to allow for air flow reducing the risk of overheating in the enclosed area. Temperature regulation is thus possible. The products are widely used in greenhouses and in plastic vegetable tunnels. With the cloths you will be able to also regulate photosynthesis as light receipt can be controlled. Create optimum growing conditions for plants and ensure earlier harvesting for better market prices. View our categories of high quality shade cloth products and order today to ensure optimal protection and light control for your crops.