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The importance of high quality, reliable and cost effective food packaging supply cannot be ignored. If the food packaging is sub-standard it will reflect poorly on the retailer, wholesaler, food company and farmer as well as the industry.

Not only does a company risk the contamination of the packed materials and thus a serious health risk to the consumer if making use of cheap and unreliable food packaging  supply, but also risk severe financial losses associated with damage that occurred during transport, shelving and handling.

In addition, companies that make use of cheap and low quality food packaging also risk damage to their reputations when they supply the products in poorly constructed containers and bags.

Reliability of the Food Packaging Supply Company

It is therefore of paramount importance to select a reliable manufacturer, able to provide a reliable, high standard of durable food packaging supplies. When thus browsing for a manufacturer, food suppliers should review the company’s history. A company that has been around for a couple of years, will have a track record of supply and one can thus determine the quality of the products as well as level of client satisfaction by reviewing the manufacturer’s history.

The International Group of Companies for instance, has been around for more than six decades. Not only does it indicate stability, but also that the Group is trusted by clients. Because the Group has a reputation of excellence to uphold, clients can expect only the highest quality of food packaging supply.

Custom Packaging Options

Another consideration when browsing for a supplier of plastics, cardboard, and fomo food packaging materials is that of customization options. A farming community for instance, may want their brand specifically printed on the vegetable bags. In another instance, it will be important to have crop specific bags and colours as this brings home a familiarity with the packaging for the consumer. In addition, vegetable bags that are the same colour as the produce will help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the packaged vegetables.

The International Group of Companies builds long lasting relationships with clients. We thus make sure that the client’s requests, where reasonable, can be met. It is this ability to customize packaging according to client requirements, which has contributed to our reputation for excellence.

Product Range

Although a company may only be interested in a specific packaging product, it is always better to purchase from a supplier that manufactures a wide range of related materials. The International Group of Companies for instance, manufactures from film wrapping to tape, adhesives, twine, cardboard packaging, vegetable pockets and egg trays in addition to a range of fomo food packaging materials. Therefore, when purchasing from us, a client can easily also buy the related items such as tape and adhesives at an extremely low price, simply because they will be in a better position to negotiate on price.

Background on the International Group of Companies

The IGC consists of three major packaging, manufacturing, supply and marketing companies in South Africa:

  • Landpak


Registered in 1984, Landpak has become the leading packaging supply company in the agricultural sector of South Africa. The company focuses on the production of High Density Polyethylene materials and PP twines specifically suited for vegetable and related packaging.

  • International Bag Buyers


Known in short as IBB, the company has been around for more than 60 years and forms the marketing arm of IGC. The company furthermore trades in a range of 6000 packaging and hardware products.

  • Brits Bag Manufacturers


Known in short as B.B.M. it is the food packaging supply division that focuses on commercial and agricultural packaging materials such as woven polypropylene bags and vegetable pockets.

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