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Where Can You Find the Best Food Packaging Suppliers?

So many food packaging suppliers are located in South Africa, and quite often it is very difficult to know which
food packaging supplier to use, and which one will be the most suitable to your requirements. 

When choosing your packaging provider, there are a couple of things that has to be considered, and
they are briefly discussed below.

Supplier Knowledge and Service

It is important to know exactly what your product requirements are and which packaging would
be most suitable. There are a lot of products on the market, and many varieties of each
product.  If you are not sure, it is advisable to contact the supplier to discuss your
options.  The supplier will need to know more about your product, such as the product
requirements, information regarding lifespan, insulation, airflow, protective requirements
and temperature.  Storage locations, methods, and storage conditions are also important,
as well as the volumes and information around the transportation of the product.  It is
essential that your supplier can provide you with the best options given your product


Determine how big the company is and whether they have branches located near your business.  An ideal situation
would be to have a large company with good production centres and branches nationwide to ensure speedy manufacturing and

Product Lines

Will the provider be able to provide the exact packaging you require?  It is preferable that you do not settle for a product that is not exactly what is required, as this may cause damage to the product and unsuitable storage and transport options.  Consider all the needs of your product and purchase only the specific packaging required to minimise damage.  Some companies specialise in particular types of packaging, and as a result they may be able to offer better products at a more reasonable price, as well as provide sound information about the particular materials needed.


It is great to have a good provider for your packaging, but in order to protect business and cashflow, it is important that the products they offer are affordable.  A good provider should be able to provide discounts for volumes or particular product lines, and should be amenable to organising loyalty discounts for their clients. 


Take into consideration where you are based in relation to your supplier and determine whether a close proximity is required.  Quite often, if the company is very organised, they can have materials delivered to you and it is not necessary to be close to them.  If you want to save money on transport it would be preferable to be closer to your provider.


This follows on from the point above – if you need to have your products delivered to you, is the company able to provide safe delivery within required time frames? It is crucial to know that they are able to deliver on time, and within budget, as fast delivery that costs a fortune only shrinks profit margins. 

Production Rates and Volumes

The provider must be able to provide you with the products you need, when you need them.  It is therefore good to know whether they ever run out of stock of your products, and if yes, how long it takes to restock again.  How long is the manufacturing process and can they stick to your deadlines?  Determine whether they have adequate storage to store the required quantities of the materials required for your product.


There is no point in ticking all the boxes above if the quality of the packaging is no good.  Money saved on suitable packaging can sometimes result in money lost through damage to goods or shortened lifespan of the product, especially where agricultural and food products are concerned.  Ensure that materials for packing is provided at a reasonable price, can be delivered on time and is of high quality in order to ensure the health of your product.

All the above factors combined are the characteristics that make up a good supply company.  The International Group of companies took all the above issues into consideration when the company was formed.  The group consists of various packaging suppliers, most of whom specialise in agricultural products.  They have specialist knowledge, are located conveniently close to most of their clients, and offer timely delivery and high quality goods to their customers.  If you are scouting for food packaging suppliers, it would be a good idea to give the International Group a call.