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Plastic Bag Manufacturers Can Meet Your Packaging Needs

Plastic bag manufacturers supply a vast range of clients in South Africa.  For normal people, plastic bags are synonymous with the grocery store.  The plastic bag has seen its fair share of changes over the years and one of the most memorable ones were when free bags were outlawed and new, thicker, stronger and paid-for bags replaced them.  These types of bags are far tougher than the old ones and can be re-used several times.  Grocery bags can also be bought in bulk and printed on – as the large grocery stores do.

Besides these “shopping” bags, the plastic bag manufacturers also produce other types of plastic bags for other uses.  Chief among these are the knitted, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and the woven virgin polypropylene bags that are used for packing fruit and vegetables that need to be aerated.  Circular woven bags are also made from virgin polypropylene, but they are treated with anti-UV additives to ensure that they will have a life expectancy of at least three months.  Nurseries also use plastic plant bags and these are especially strong; sizes range from one litre to 18.8 litres.

Plastic packaging solutions have not completely overtaken paper bags and these are still preferred in some industries; potatoes are exclusively packed in paper bags, as are dried meat products like biltong and drywors.  Cardboard packaging is preferred for fruits and vegetables that bruise easily, like tomatoes, strawberries and grapes.

The International Group of Companies has been manufacturing packaging solutions in South Africa for over sixty years.  Besides being plastic bag manufacturers, we offer cardboard packaging solutions, moulded plastic products like chairs, basins and dustbins, as well as twines and an extensive range of hardware and protective clothing.  For more information on how we can help you today, contact us.

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Landpak BBM IBB YouFam
The International
Group of Companies
A Market Leader in Plastic Textiles

Plastic Packaging Products

Leading Supplier Of Plastic Packaging Products In South Africa

The International Group of Companies has its head office in the North West Province of our country. The company was established more than 60 years ago and has since then grown into one of the largest suppliers of plastic packaging products in South Africa.

The plastic packaging products available from us are well priced and of superior quality. We have set the standard for quality when it comes to plastic packaging products. The majority of our shareholders and directors consist of previously disadvantaged persons. As such we are a leading Black Economic Empowerment company with more than 1000 persons working at the company. Our operational managers and employees have played an important part in establishing us as a leading supplier of plastic packaging products in South Africa.

The companies that have formed the International Group of Companies are that of International Bag Buyers (IBB), the Brits Bag Manufacturers (BBM), and Landpak. As a corporate socially responsible company we contribute extensively to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities.

Our range of plastic packaging products is just as impressive and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Shade Cloth which is available in three formats namely Agrishade, Builder’s Shade and Supershade.
  • Woven Vegetable Pockets made from virgin Polypropylene and are available in a variety of colours and sizes.
  • Twines used for netting, lacing and washing lines.
  • Knitted Vegetable Pockets which are made from High Density Polypropylene and come in various sizes as well as colours.
  • Circular Woven Bags made from virgin Polypropylene and available in different sizes and colours.
  • Moulded plastics used for fencing dropper purposes, plastic piping, dustbins, chairs, and buckets.
  • Packaging materials including the likes of cardboard, paper, fomo, and soft plastic used in commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.
  • Hardware and protective clothing for the industrial, domestic and agricultural industries.

Contact us as a leading supplier of plastic packaging products to become your number one supplier of the above products.