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Various Types of Plastic Bags

All of us have seen and even bought those plastic bags that package our vegetables and groceries in the supermarket. The fact of the matter is that these bags provide a cost effective and functional packaging option for fruit and vegetable suppliers and supermarkets across South Africa.

The International Group of Companies is a team that prides itself on manufacturing and supplying plastic bags in the following forms:

  • Knitted Vegetable Pockets – these are made from virgin high density polyethylene and are available from size 2kg to 25kg. The colour a supplier chooses for these plastic bags is usually crop specific and includes green, white, yellow, orange, red, tangerine and mandarin. The Rachel knitting machine is used to create these plastic bags.
  • Woven Vegetable Pockets – these are made from woven virgin polypropylene. These bags are available in 10kg and 25kg sizes. The colours of these bags are also crop specific and are available in green, red, brown, and purple and white. The weaving machine constructs these bags from polypropylene monofilament and polypropylene tape.
  • Circular Bags – these bags are made from polypropylene and contain anti UV additives. They are expected to last for 3 months. There are various sizes available and come in red, green, orange, white, purple, brown, black, blue and yellow. These are the general bags you find at the supermarket and can be plain or printed to the client’s specifications.

The International Group of Companies has such faith in their product quality that they guarantee to replace any plastic bags where there is a manufacturing or material defect. This is only offered if the defect value comes to more than 0.5% of the total order.

If you are looking for some top quality plastic bags that suit both your needs and budget then contact the International Group of Companies for more information and rates today. You will find that they have exactly what you need.