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What is Polypropylene?

What is Polypropylene and What Are the Uses?

On the question of “what is polypropylene?” one can start answering by first explaining what it consists of. Polypropylene has a specific chemical composition that is represented as C3H6. The substance is used in agricultural, consumer and industrial products as a fibre base or as a type of plastic.

Polypropylene is used in the making of products which must be able to hold their shape even at dishwasher temperature. As such food containers used in microwaves and dishwashers are often made from the substance. Because of its relative strong resistance to heat, the substance doesn’t warp when placed in warm water. As such it is the preferred base material for plastic food containers and plates which cannot be placed in ovens.

To further answer the question of what polypropylene is, one can also look at other uses. The substance is often used for the making of outdoor carpets and as the green area for putt-putt courses. Because the substance doesn’t absorb water, it is perfect for use in carpets around the pool area where other carpets would have soaked up water and thus become breeding grounds for bacteria.

Although not as strong as polyethylene, propylene can be used for bag handles and plastic lids. Where other substances would bend or stretch under the stress of repeated use, polypropylene will hold its shape. This of course makes it the ideal substance for plastic lids or bag handles that must be able to close, lock and open without the traditional hinges in place.

What are the Main Uses of Polypropylene?

The substance is used in the making of plastics for the vehicle industry, packaging companies, and for furniture, construction, and insulation. Although polyethylene is more in demand, polypropylene is also one of the most used substances for the making of packaging material.

Polypropylene is often used in the making of vehicle dashboards and panels. The substance can withstand various weather elements and being a good insulation material, it is often used as a type of building block which is then filled with concrete. It provides excellent sound and heat insulation.

Other products include that of:

  • Fishing nets
  • Medical dishes
  • Fast-food containers
  • Ropes
  • Artificial outdoor surfaces
  • CD covers
  • Upholstery
  • Bags
  • Toys
  • Appliances


Polypropylene film is used for the covering of foodstuffs such as meat and vegetables packaged in polystyrene containers. Sturdy forms are used in the making of container lids and plastic containers for dairy products. The substance is thus widely used although it is mostly found as a packaging material for food related products.

Woven Polypropylene Bags

Woven vegetable bags made from the substance are extremely strong and can withstand the general weather elements. The bags are often UV treated to ensure a longer lifespan for the products. Apart from bags, the substance is often woven to make carpets and other types of textiles for domestic use.

The cost of producing bags or other packaging materials by means of weaving is low ensuring lower prices for the end-user as well. The woven bags are sometimes used for military purposes while most are used in the agricultural industry.

The woven bags are made in a variety of colours and because of exceptional strength are used for shipment of heavy vegetable produce. Now that you have a better idea of what polypropylene is and understand the many applications of the substance, you will appreciate our range of packing products even more. We produce from woven bags to foam packaging materials for appliances and even food containers and plastic film.