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Vegetable Bag Wholesalers Care About The Environment

If you are looking for reliable and well priced vegetable bag wholesalers, look no further. We have been in the business of packaging for more than six decades. We are known for our low prices and high quality as vegetable bag wholesalers in South Africa.

Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of our diets and keeping them fresh should be as well. Part of keeping them fresh lies in the way we package them. As such vegetable bag wholesalers provide a wide range of bags suitable for various types of fruit or vegetable packaging. The consumer wants to see the vegetables, and at the same time, the packaging should have some breathing holes. The breathing holes are specifically there for airflow, without which the vegetables will most certainly not stay fresh for long.

We as vegetable bag wholesalers have learned exactly how many holes to include in each size of bag and how strong the bags should be. Transporting the vegetables is another question. For such you will want vegetable bags that will keep the vegetables fresh and also help to avoid unnecessary bruising. As one of the environmentally and socially responsible vegetable bag wholesalers in South Africa we focus on the supply of bags which can be re-used, are strong, and safer than the more conventional plastics.

At present we as vegetable bag wholesalers also offer knitted and woven vegetable bags as alternatives to the plastic bags. The strong material allows for unhindered ventilation and the specific design allows for transparency. By offering a range of colours such as green for the packaging of gem squash and purple for beetroot, we make easy to use colours for identification of vegetables.

Take a look at our range of environmentally responsible packaging and contact us today as leadingvegetable bag wholesalers to discuss your particular packaging requirements.